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How Much Does Landscaping Affect the Value of Your Home?

How Much Does Landscaping Affect the Value of Your Home?

How Much Does Landscaping Affect the Value of Your Home?

Preparing your Auburn home for sale can require a lot of work depending on its current condition.  While the interior of the house is certainly important, the landscaping is something that should not be overlooked as it’s often the first thing a buyer will see.  Curb appeal can create a powerful first impression of your home and it’s up to you to determine what you want that initial impression to be.

You may be thinking that as long as the inside of the house is in good shape the yard won’t affect the sales price, but that’s not always the case.  A recent survey found that 78% of real estate agents agreed that poor landscaping negatively affects a home’s property value. Depending on who you ask, the percentage of decrease in property value will vary, but real estate agents surveyed estimated poor landscaping could lower property values anywhere between 10% to 30%. (source

With California’s continually soaring median home prices, that could be quite a big chunk of change.  For the month ending September 2021, California’s median home price was $808,890 meaning a 10% decrease in property value would account for over $80k!  That’s a significant amount of money to be missing out on.

California Market At A Glance September 2021 Chart showing existing home sale: $438,190, median price: $808,890, unsold inventory: 1.9 months, and median time on the market: 10 days.  It also shows Price Per SQ Feet: $393, Sales to List Price Ratio: 101.9%, Affordability Index: 23%, and 30 Year Fixed Rate: 2.90%

Comparatively, Auburn’s median home price for the month ending September 2021 was $633k.  A 10% decrease in property value would account for $63k in lost proceeds while a 20% decrease would account for $126k!  That’s money that could easily be used to do even some minor landscaping to help bring in a much higher sales price for your home.

Auburn, CA Market Update: Median Estimated Home Value: $633k, Change over Last 12 Months: Increased 17.5%

These stats may apply to real estate sales, but the same concept is true for rental properties.  Especially right now when so many people are looking to move out of large cities and into our foothill communities of Placer and Nevada County.  Those who can now work from home are more inclined to spend more on rent for a property with nicer features and amenities, including spacious and well-landscaped yards.

Decrease in Value due to Poor Landscaping pictogram with Median Estimated Home Value: $633k and Decrease in Value (10-30%) $63k-189k with rundown house and poor landscaping in bottom photo.


The rental market has gone up significantly this past year due to the housing shortage among other things.  For investment owners looking to get the most value out of a rental property, be sure to take the landscaping into account as a strong factor in obtaining the highest rent.  If you need help with your Auburn rental property or are looking for property management services in Placer or Nevada County, feel free to reach out to see how we can help you.